Upcoming Conferences & Calls for Papers

Here’s a roundup of some recent calls for papers; please feel free to add to this post by editing it.


Publication workshop

Some of you will have seen this on the grad student list, but here’s the link again:

Dear Chairs/Directors, Graduate Coordinators, and Program Coordinators,

Online registration is now available for the CAS-sponsored Graduate Student Publication Workshops.https://cas.wsu.edu/faculty-staff/getting-published-workshop/

We would appreciate you sharing this email and the attached flyer with your Pullman-based graduate students. The website includes all of the information needed for reserving their spot in this workshop series.  These Publication Support Program Workshops are presented by Jana Argersinger, a member of the Department of English who serves as Senior Journal Editor and Past President of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals.  Her experience and access to resources is tremendous and the opportunity for consultations with her as a follow up will be invaluable to many of our graduate students.

Please note that because of this type of hands-on workshop with more individualized and small group focus, this will only be offered on the Pullman campus this spring and not available via videoconferencing.


Lori Wiest, CAS Associate Dean, Professional Development